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An update from Rohan Braddy, CEO

May 2021

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Video transcript:


In my update in December last year, I said as the heavy veil of restrictions continued to lift, the weather warmed up, people were returning to services, and with a vaccine on the horizon, the future was looking bright again. Whilst we have had periods of uncertainty and set-backs along the way, I am pleased to say that this optimistic tone has largely carried into 2021. Across our hubs most of the people we support have returned and we are just so thrilled to see you back.

Our Business Solutions teams continue to exceed expectations which is wonderful, and our staff have weathered the storm that was 2020 and are delivering services with renewed energy and ideas – thank you so much!

We have many plans in place to ensure we all continue to stay safe, with or without vaccination, and we continue to be highly focused on this. Daily temperature checks on arrival, social distancing, frequent hand sanitising and site cleaning, and appropriate use of PPE are just some of the steps we have in place. Thank you to every member of our community who continues to support our efforts in this extremely important area.

The band of dedicated volunteers who comprise our board did an amazing job leading the organisation through the difficulties that the pandemic presented. At the last AGM, our board chair Paul Larcher reported changes to the board, including welcoming Chris Cullin and Marija Maher who had joined the board during the year, and Kevin Glennon was elected to the board at the AGM. Kevin is an executive with experience in digital transformation strategy. Collectively, the board is focused on planning for our future to ensure we have the financial, people, technology, and physical resources we need so we can continue to deliver great services for many years to come.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I am only a phone call away and I would love to speak with you.

Until next time, bye!

[End of transcript]

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